Security policy

Telcom BS specializes in providing IP telephony services focus on end user and wholesale market.

Our MISSION is to offer our customers value-added IP telephony services to a greatly reduced costs. We also offer to ISP's and Cable operators, billing solutions and IP telephony provision services to its customers, with implementations in a very short time without technology costs for them.

Our VISION is to be a leader in IP telephony services for both residential, small business and Wholesale market.

On the way that leads our mission and vision, we have defined a VALUES to share, that allow us to develop a corporate culture, a way of working and make decisions in Telcom BS:

- Our expertise and continuous updating.

- Ensure that quality services are a constant in Telcom BS based on Service Level Agreements (SLA) committed:

• Establishing a minimum response times and automating processes.

• Ensuring service availability.

So, TELCOM BS agrees to develop, implement, maintain and continually improve their service management system with the objective of continuous improvement its management services and ensuring that there are no falls in the same, to thereby meet the objectives of effectiveness and efficiency, and maintain excellence in the provision of our services. It is therefore TELCOM BS policy:

• To work in the development and improvement of service process automation.

• To ensure compliance with service requirements for complete information and providing customer service.

• To reach the commitment to continuous improvement, setting annual objectives related to increasing customer satisfaction, reducing the number of incidents and improved response times.

• To meet the requirements of the business, legal or regulatory and contractual obligations.

• To make training and awareness on management of processes and incidents for all staff.

• Establishing the measures necessary to ensure the availability of committed service level agreements and TELCOM BS service business continuity.

The Responsible Management System is directly responsible for the maintenance of this policy, providing advice and guidance for implementation contraseñas.