We provide to our customers the most complete and advanced services on VoIP communications

VoiceTrunk services

VoIP traffic termination

VoIP calls traffic termination allows to operators sending their phone calls through our network, that prevent opening expensive PSTN interconnections with all national operators.

Besides, our platform will guide your calls with guarantee with no interconnection limit.

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Spanish geographic phone numbers

We guarantee high quality on calls and provide to our customers a quick expansion within Spanish market. 

Calls are collected through our PSTN gateway to VoIP and sent to our customers using Tier 1 IP networks.

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Spanish premium phone numbers

Get one of our special tarif numbers, reachable from Spain:

  • (900) Toll free number.
  • (901) Shared cost.
  • (902) Pay for caller.

Local numbers portabilities

Voicetrunk gives you the possibility of keeping your customer Spanish phone number into your IP network, so they could receiving phone calls through Internet.

Phone calls destined to your customers phone numbers will be collected by Voicetrunk in its public network interconnection and redirected to your network over IP Tier 1 carriers.


To process the portability, you should fill in the portability document, and send it back to us at the following address: portabilidad@voicetrunk.com attaching your customer last phone bill.

Once received all documents, we can proceed with the phone number transfer. As soon as the donor operator gives his approval, we will inform you about the date expected to the change. From that moment, you will start receiving calls through Voicetrunk.