Cookies are small files some web sites place on your computer. Cookies store information about your browsing session, but do not spy, as spyware. If you have a cookie from a website that you go often, the cookie remembers things that will make your next visit to this page a bit easier, and even makes pages load a little faster. VoiceTrunk uses cookies to improve the user experience of our website.

We statistics to optimize our pages and to offer you a more intuitive navigation. In our Privacy Policy explains how we protect your privacy with respect to the use of cookies and other information. (see disclaimer).

All this information is recorded in a file server activity that allows the subsequent processing of the data in order to obtain statistical measurements that reveal the number of page impressions, the number of visits to web services, etc.


Type of cookieNameDurationPurpose
Strictly necessary SESSID After finalized session It can identify user sessions
Statistics _pk_ses 30 minutes It can identify user sessions
  _utmb 30 minutes It can identify unique users for statistical purposes
  _utmz 6 months It can identify the user as it has come to our website
  _pk_id 2 years Identifies the path of a user on our website for statistical purposes
  _utma 2 years Identifies the Web browser used by the user
  _utmc At the end of the navigation session It can identify unique users for statistical purposes